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Auction Gift Baskets

Fun with Auction Baskets

Auction Basket Ideas Auction baskets are always fun, popular, and a great way to raise a lot of money.  Need some auction basket ideas to get those creative juices flowing?  Here some great ones from some of your fellow fundraisers. Depending on your

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How to Host a Virtual Fundraiser

How to Host a Virtual Fundraiser Fundraising events for 2020 and beyond have all been canceled, postponed indefinitely, or taken virtual.  It’s practically impossible to get people together right now, but the need for donations and fundraising has definitely not disappeared.  It’s what

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Fundraising Expert Roundup

Fundraising Expert Roundup We asked a number of great nonprofits what they do or have done to create their best fundraising successes and these are their first hand expert insights. What’s your Secret Sauce? “Our secret sauce is communicating the direct impact of

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Fundraising During COVID-19

Covid-19 vs Fundraising Fundraising auctions and events is a popular way for nonprofit organizations to raise money for their missions.  But, what happened when the Covid-19 pandemic flooded the globe?  Nonprofits rely heavily on donations and fundraisers to operate their organizations.  So, what

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Best Online Auction Tips

Host an online auction and raise a lot of money for your school or charitable cause. It’s a low cost, high value, fundraising campaign. If you host a fundraising event, like a golf tournament for example, add a golf-themed auction to raise more with

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