A Force for Good

We envision a world where caring for others is not just a duty but a shared passion. Together, we empower individuals, nonprofits, and companies to do their part in building strong and loving communities.

Our Crew

Common Good Fundraising LLC, the parent company of CausePilot, has been in the fundraising business for over 10 years.  Our Nashville, Tennessee USA based CausePilot Crew is proud to continue helping fundraisers raise millions for their worthy causes.  Our mission to build thriving communities of people who do good and love their neighbors continues to soar.

Be a part of the Crew.

If you’re creative, have a passion for making a difference, are devoted to uplifting a worthy cause, understand the value of using great software that will help you do the most good, and you like learning new things…. CausePilot is the answer to a prayer.  You won’t get a high pressure sales pitch from us.  We make it easy for you to checkout the software for yourself. Dive in and welcome aboard!

Want to take it for a Spin?

Take your fundraising to new heights with the flexibility and knowledge that gives your next campaign or event wings.