Easily create online charity raffles to sell tickets with a chance to win one or multiple prizes.

Important:  Know the gaming laws in your State before proceeding with a raffle.

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Hosting a Fundraising Raffle

Make it fun, easy, and raise more.

Landing Page

A beautiful and professional landing page demonstrates your missions values, capabilities, and desires for the future.  It’s the why and sets the stage properly. 

Raffle Tickets

Create a single raffle ticket with one item to win, a single ticket with multiple winners, or separate tickets for multiple items.  Whatever works best for you.

Pick Winners

Sell raffle tickets, choose the winner(s), and notify them that they’ve won and how to pick up their item.  Then let the rest of the world know too.  Easy-Peasy!

Proven tools to stick the landing.

You’re never alone with CausePilot as your co-pilot.

Problem & Solution

Use the campaign landing page to explain the problem that your mission works tirelessly to help solve and how.

Show the Prizes

Present the exciting prize opportunities in a way that will encourage supporters to buy not just one ticket, but many.

Send Receipts

Send a thank you email to your purchasers that also includes a confirmation of their raffle ticket numbers.

Choose Winners

One button click to have CausePilot randomly choose winners for you or print and manually draw.

Winner Notifications

Winners are notified by email that they have won with instructions from you on how to pick up their items.


Display the winners on your event's landing page and send out a followup email to all ticket holders.

"Life is like a game, you can play it safe and be good, or you can take a chance and be great."

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many advantages to hosting an online raffle.  The biggest is that you are making it easier on yourself to sell tickets and, most importantly, making it easy for your supporters to buy them.  No printing tickets.  You don’t need to be present to purchase them.  

Raffles and online raffles are governed by state laws and each state has their own rules and regulations.  YOU need to do your research to ensure that you, as a 501(c) organization, can host an online raffle in your state and what is required.  This information may be found online or by contacting your state governing organization.  CausePilot does not provide legal advice. We simply provide a software tool that allows you to host an online raffle. However, you are responsible for following the rules and laws in your state. Consult an attorney for legal advice.

You can raffle as many items as you like.  You can sell one ticket with multiple chances to win or individual tickets for each item.

You will use our random winner selection feature to choose winners or you can print out tickets to match the numbers you’ve sold and do a manual drawing.  For example, pulling a ticket out of a bowl. Then, you would simply enter the winner into the system.

You set the limit on the number of tickets available and the last day you will sell them.  Your software will stop selling the tickets when one of these limits has been reached.

If you don’t see the answer to your question.  Contact Us