Sell sponsorship opportunities online and display them proudly on your fundraiser’s web pages.

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Are sponsors lining up to show support?

When your events are awesome, you have a great following, and represent a worthy cause, corporate sponsors should line up to associate their brand with your mission.

Mission Driven

Attract sponsors that align with your mission and want the community to know that they support your cause.

Prominent Display

Generally, sponsors want visibility and a link to their own website so your supporters can learn more about their company.

Proven Results

You must demonstrate to sponsors the value they received after your event so they will enthusiastically sponsor again.

Display Sponsors Proudly

Make them shine and raise more.

Landing Page

A beautiful and professional landing page demonstrates your missions values, capabilities, and desires for the future.  It’s the why and sets the stage properly. 

Sponsorship Choices

Provide sponsors with a variety of price options to fit every budget and they choose what works best for their brand and their level of contribution.

Receipts & Data

Personalize the payment receipts to add your own thank you’s and the personality of your organization.  Maintain data to followup for next time.

Proven tools to stick the landing.

You’re never alone with CausePilot as your co-pilot.

Problem & Solution

Use the campaign landing page to explain the problem that your mission works tirelessly to help solve and how.

Sell Sponsorship Spots

Set the price point levels based on frequency of views to sell sponsorships online prior to your event.

Send Thank You

Send a thank you email to your sponsor that also includes a receipt of their payment for their own accounting purposes.

Display Proudly

Create beautiful and professional sponsor ads that you will display proudly throughout your event website.

Add More Value

Provide sponsors will added value by offering tickets, displaying their logo at your event, and on emails.

Demonstrate Results

After the event make sponsors aware of the number of people who had an opportunity to view their brand logo.

When people care about your mission they want to give. Give them motivation and a great way to contribute.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you have the ability to sell your sponsorships online. They will choose their sponsorship level and purchase all online.

If you are selling sponsorships online, anyone can purchase them but only you will decide if the sponsor is active or cancelled/rejected.

Yes, we recommend that you ask Sponsors to provide their logo in the correct dimensions as the sponsor level they have chosen.  They can supply it or you can create it for them.

You have the ability to sell tickets and add-on a Sponsorship.  So, you would sell the ticket that includes a sponsor ad.

If you are on the First Class license plan, there are no additional fees for sponsorships.  If you have an Economy license, the usage fee does apply. 

Your CausePilot software keeps track of the number of views each Sponsor received of their brand logo ad. Simply find that information in the Sponsors table.