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Auctioning Your Way

An auction that looks and works well gets more bids.

Online and Mobile

People love the convenience of shopping at home, on the go, or at an event.  They use their own device, that they are familiar with, to bid and checkout.

Silent and Live

Do your supporters like hovering around the auction tables placing their bids on paper bid sheets.  Or will you have an auctioneer?  Manually enter these bids.

Your Own Way

You have options.  Make some items available for bidding online and others only at the event.  Or, start bidding online and then switch to bid sheets. 

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Proven tools to stick the landing.

You’re never alone with CausePilot as your co-pilot.

Get Volunteers

Use the Signup tool to create tasks, ask for volunteers, and keep track of who is helping you when and where.

Solicit Items

The Procurement tool gives you the ability to solicit auction items online and have donors let you know what they will donate.

Send Receipts

Send Donation Receipts by email to thank donors and present a document that can be used for tax purposes.

Invite Supporters

Reach out to supporters and ask them to participate with Text to Bid or a link to your campaign event's landing page.

Stay Engaged

Text messages will inform bidders when they've been outbid and when they win. Send your own fun and informative emails and texts too.

Easy Checkout

Use Auto Checkout for a one click checkout process. All pending orders/wins are then paid within minutes.

Customer's who have managed an auction before say they would never go back to their old way after using CausePilot. It's just a better experience overall.

Frequently Asked Questions

I think you’d be very surprised to know that most people, even older senior citizens, have smart phones and computers these days.  And, they know how to use them, at least enough to be able to do a little shopping (or bidding).  However, in a case where someone just can’t do it, you can help by placing their bid for them.

Yes.  If you have your auction items in a spreadsheet, simply download our example spreadsheet, copy and paste your data into the correct fields and import.  The fields will include all data necessary for the catalog page.

There is no limit to the number of auction items you can have.  The more the merrier! The rule of thumb is to consider how much money you want to raise and then get enough items that you will reach that goal.  If you want to raise $10,000 procure items valued at $20,000.

We do not limit the number of people that can help you with your auction.  Use Permissions to grant users access to help manage your CausePilot software and your team will work together in real time.

Yes.  You can host an online auction and simply meet your supporters wherever they are, be it a computer or smart phone.  Or host a mobile auction at an in-person event, then decide if you’ll let people also bid from home. There are many options.

Yes.  For each auction item you will add donor information so that the donor’s name and web address are displayed with the item.  The user can click on the donor’s name to access their website and learn more.

Among the features included in your auction is the ability to create Fixed Priced items.  These are items that you are simply selling.  An example might be a wine pull, t-shirts, or even Fund-a-Need.

Yes.  Once your auction items are entered, if you find you’d like them to appear in a different order, when viewed without filters, you can simply drag and drop them where you’d like them.

Yes!  Give each auction item the number of your choice so you choose how to organization your items in a way that works best for you.

Yes, your users will easy see all of the items they are bidding on in one page to track their bidding progress.

These notifications are sent via text, unless the user has chosen to opt-out. In that case, they will receive an email.

We do not limit the number of pictures you can add for an item.  Users can simply click on a thumbnail image and scroll through all of the available images.

Yes.  When hosting an in-person event, you can easily print Bid Sheets right from your CausePilot software.  You will download PDF’s that include content from your catalog and print.

Yes.  A Display Sheet is a printed version of the catalog page and includes a QR code that allows your guests to quickly find the item using their smart phone.  Alternatively, they can enter the item ID or name.

Yes.  When you need to duplicate an auction item you can do so in the same auction catalog or in a different campaign event’s auction catalog.  We call this Cloning.  This feature is extremely handy when you have a lot of the same auction items donated each year.

You’ll need Wi-Fi access for your staff and volunteers to work within the software.  You’ll need good cell phone reception for your guests.  You’ll laptops for managing your software and tablets if you’d like staff to walk around helping people.

Generally, organizations solicit auction items from local businesses in their community.  These businesses want to reach the same audience that will participate.  If you are hosting a national auction, consider reaching out to major corporations (hotels and restaurant chains).  You can also procure exciting trips from consignment companies, where you choose the trips your audience might like and only purchase them if they sell.

Users can place the next incremental bid or add a maximum bid where the software will bid for them up to that amount.  You also have the option to add a buy it now button whereby users can purchase the item and close the auction.

You have the option to require a credit card to bid or not.  It’s entirely up to you.  We recommend requiring a credit card because it makes the closing swift and seamless.  However, you still have the option to accept cash or checks.

Yes, you can quickly and easily package auction items to display the individual items, their donors, and place them together for a single auction.

Yes, you have the option to add a buy-it-now button on each item if you like.  The auction on the item will continue until the item is purchased.

We do not limit the number of images you can include with each item.