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February 16, 2021


Changing the focus of fundraising

What if fundraising software was built to make fundraisers better at their jobs?

Fundraisers are responsible for generating the fuel that keeps a nonprofit’s mission flying and rising higher each year. Instead of just adding a donate button, tracking the funds received, and creating a mailing list, CausePilot gives fundraisers the tools to be creative and attract more support to a mission.

CausePilot, the new Fundraiser’s Management Software, puts the right tools into the hands of fundraisers so they can launch a fun and engaging fundraiser in minutes or control a large event all in one place. CausePilot puts fundraisers in the Pilot seat where they take control of fundraising, letting the software and the CausePilot Crew be the co-pilot. 

“Our goal is to increase good works throughout communities by empowering fundraisers,” said CausePilot Founder Donna Lynne. “To do the critical work needed in communities – to feed the homeless, provide shelters for stray animals, give low-income students scholarships, and the many projects that communities need – takes a great deal of effort on the part of fundraising professionals and volunteers. We aim to ease that burden by providing tools that decrease the administrative side of fundraising and increase the amount of good that can be done with more creative, successful, and efficient fundraisers.”

“Nonprofits can exponentially multiply their good works by reducing the time and effort put into management.  There is a greater need for the dollars raised by fundraisers across the country and fewer dollars to go around, so maximizing effort is especially important now.”
– CausePilot Founder Donna Lynne

Lynne has spent years working with fundraising professionals to develop the right software and support team. She has designed software that organizes online fundraising campaigns and events (live and online), encourages community engagement, and maximizes every giving opportunity. 

“We want to change the focus from just raising money to doing good works and bringing the whole community into the process,” Lynne said. “We want to empower the fundraising professionals — the people behind the ideas whose job it is to motivate donors – by giving them the right tools and support.”

CausePilot has set an ambitious goal: to help nonprofits raise $100 million dollars by 2025. 

“Our software is new, innovative, and super easy to use. We consistently look for new ways that will encourage people to care about their community causes and support them,” Lynne said. The CausePilot software features website landing pages; modules for online donations, auctions, raffles, ticket sales, procurement, and help with virtual events; email and text options to reach donors; and financial management functions to track and process donations as well as generate reports.


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Barbara Esteves-Moore

March 5, 2021

New episode with Donna Lynne, CEO of CausePilot

This episode features Donna Lynne Pokowitz. Donna is the CEO and founder of CausePilot. CausePilot is a new start-up in Nashville that has developed software designed to raise money through digital fundraising programs to help non-profits, foundations, clubs, schools, and other notable causes all across the United States. The big goal for CausePilot is to help their clients and supporters raise 100 million dollars by 2025. This software and platform is a true game-changer in the fundraising space and is on pace to do some really amazing work.  Talk about “what’s going right”, CausePilot is about to change the game in fundraising and helping non-profits continue their work through raising funds for their mission!