Why CausePilot?

We are a company that truly cares about helping you grow your mission.  When you become a CausePilot, you are joining us in building an elite fundraising network of good people doing good things all around the world.


Raise awareness for your cause, grow and engage donors, as well as, develop long term support.


Your Team

Staff and volunteers get excited and the positivity is felt throughout as they work together online..


Your Supporters

Your CausePilot fundraisers encourage giving with a fun and professional presentation.


What We Do Best


Your Flight Plan

Before Takeoff

We'll teach you how to navigate the software. Then, just a few clicks and you're creating a super cool landing page, choosing your event's fundraising options, and you're ready for takeoff.

During a Flight

You'll work together. Set up and send email and text messages to promote your event, track activity, progress, and manage everything to do with your event, supporters, and funds raised in real time.

A Smooth Landing

When your event is over, you'll have all supporter contact information, their activities, and reports out the wazoo. Share with your team to celebrate your successes and improve next time.

Now...Let's Do This!

Watch a Demo

Take a quick peek and see if CausePilot is right for you.

Start for Free

Don't take our word for it. See it for yourself and get started.

Fire it Up!

If you love CausePilot, simply purchase, and continue your flight.