Why CausePilot?

Our mission at CausePilot is to empower nonprofit organizations and fundraisers, like you, to make a lasting impact on the causes they are passionate about.  We provide the knowledge and tools needed to rethink your fundraising, allowing creativity and freedom to thrive.  Through our innovative platform, we enable fundraisers to reach their goals, one unique campaign at a time, while making fundraising accessible and affordable for all.  

Join us on this exciting journey to create positive change and unleash the full potential of charitable giving.

At CausePilot we call a fundraising campaign a flight.
Because it’s just more fun!

Fundraising that Takes Off!

Everyone will love the fundraisers you create.


Raise awareness for your cause, grow and engage donors, as well as, develop long term support.

Are a Star!


Staff and volunteers get excited and the positivity is felt throughout as they work together online..

Is Amazing!


Your CausePilot fundraisers encourage giving with a fun and professional presentation.

Eagerly Give!


Your Flight Plan

Before Takeoff

You'll watch training videos in Flight School and become a great CausePilot. Then, create a cool landing page, choose your fundraising options, and you're ready for takeoff.

During your Flight

You'll work together with your team to promote your fundraiser, track activity in real time, help participants when needed, and manage everything all in one place.

A Smooth Landing

At the close of your fundraiser, you'll have all contact information, activities, and reports out the wazoo. Share with your team to celebrate your successes.

Climb in and Take the Wheel

See for yourself what CausePilot has to offer you, your team, and your supporter’s experience.